speaking of weird food.....

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What do all you chefs out thtere think of deep-fried jello cubes and have anyone of you ever tried it??

I think it would be great at kids' parties.
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Welcome to cheftalk EMTCHEF,

I honestly can't say I've done the deep fat jello thing yet!!!
But I have done other interesting things with jello ;)

But thats for a different forum:eek:
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i thought about taking the jello and breading it with flour egg then sugar cookie crumbs fry at high temp like 425 just for a few seconds to warm it and not melt it.:bounce:


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you bread the jello cubes then freeze them for a day or two then fry them. Never did it myself, but we used to do goats chees rounds and we would slice them, bread them, and then fry them. Worked out really well but typically we had to do the breading twice to make sure none of the cheese oozed out.

Fried jello, that is a funny one, never heard of it before.
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Ditto Nicko, I fry truffles and ice cream regularly. They must be very frozen and 'breaded' twice, to survive a light fry.
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The following book might interest you:

Jell-O: A Biography



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We'll expect a resume of this book by the end of next week Kimmie. ;)
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don't they have a sparkly Adult jello now? Isn't that a waste of good champagne even yuck sparkling wine.....wouldn't the sugar cookie crumbs burn cus of the high sugar content?
Not to be a kill joy or anything......
Um...I'm sure you use the right liner with your jello application CC
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Book Description
The author of SPAM: A Biography is back again-This time with the definitive biography of an even bigger edible American icon: JELL-0!

Who didn't grow up on JELL-O gelatin? Hospitals dished it out after your tonsils were removed and Mom always had a box stashed away in case of a dessert emergency.

For more than one hundred years, Jell-O has reigned as "America's Most Famous Dessert," selling more than one million packages a day and more than 500 million each year.

But where and when and how did it all begin? No one is more qualified than junk food authority Carolyn Wyman to tell the whole amazing truth of this fruit flavored dessert.

Complete with over two hundred photographs and illustrations, JELL-O: A Biography uncovers everything from the history of the product and its marketing and sales strategies through the year to off-the-wall recipes and alternative uses such as Jell-O shots and Jell-O wrestling.

Jell-O is not just a food product, it is part of America's history and culture. Painstakingly researched and playfully presented, JELL-O: A Biography is the sweet story of the primordial slime's success and a fabulously entertaining read. After all, there's always room for Jell-O.

AMAZING BUT TRUE: Little-known facts about America's Most Famous Dessert -- By the 1920s Jell-O was served as a good ol' American welcome treat to immigrants at Ellis Island. --Though Jell-O sponsored his radio show for years, according to his wife, Jack Benny "never ate the stuff." --Who does eat it? Residents of Salt Lake City and Des Moines are neck-and-neck in annual Jell-O consumption-a competition they take very seriously. --As a teenager, actor John Malkovich lost 70 pounds in 6 months on a Jell-O only diet. --In Cecil B. De Mille's 1923 production of The Ten Commandments, Moses's parted Red Sea was created by superimposing running actors onto footage of a quivering strawberry Jell-O mold. --A salad or a dessert? The great debate continues . . . 2-color/200 photos & illustrations

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Now I found out!!!

Jello is something that can be fried, it has a biography (in the States...) , people buy books to read this biography but the most interesting uses of jello can not be described in this forum!

Ok! What ever you say!

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Athenaeus --- are you saying that you don't know what Jello is? I didn't think about the possible language barrier there. :D

Jello is fruit flavored [well there used to vegetable flavored too] gelatin. The, uh, wiggly, giggly fruit flavored snack.

"There's always room for Jell-O"
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From what I hear here, there MUST be another way to find out than plain descriptions.
The one that "My fair Lady " used to sing

"Show me"!!!

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