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Spanish Custard Tarts
I just bought some Spanish custard tarts from a local shop who were trialing them, & although im sure that they didnt come from Spain the style was the same i.e. puff bases & gooey custard.

They are wonderfull & I need to make dozens of them to satisfy my hunger. I cant possibly pay $1 each for them if I can make them.

It seemed to have a more luxurious filling than a straight egg custard, perhaps I was just hungry !

Anyone come across these before or made them.



Note,This post is for "Mike" not CC

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08-02-2003 10:49 AM
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G'day Mike. These tarts are not Spanish to my knowledge -- sounds like someone at the local shop stuffed their geography. They are with high certainty pasteis de nata from Portugal, probably Portugal's most famous sweet. They are an utter pain to make unless you have a really really hot oven -- I don't know any home-cook who can make them without curdling the custard.:mad: The pastry is a very thin puff pastry and I guess the goal with the searing temperatures is too cook the pastry in a flash and give the custard the lovely lightly browned skin, all before the custard's ingredients get divorced. ;)

The custard is a rich egg-cream-sugar job. Given people's problems with cooking this at high temperatures, most cooks and many bakeries in Portugal add some cornflour -- not infrequently far too much cornflour:eek:

The best exemplars of these tarts are called pasteis de Belém after the suburb of Lisbon where an ancient cafe makes them to a secret and YUMMY recipe.

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