Spaghetti and Meatballs Recipe

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I am trying to reproduce the spaghetti recipe I grew up on, but unfortunately I don't remember it. I'm hoping that if I can explain what I know that someone may be able to assist in making it complete.

At the beginning the paste was cooked on low until it turned a dark red color. This is done in the same pan that had garlic sautéed and the meatballs cooked in it. I believe the meatballs came first, then the paste, but not 100% on this.

I remember the sauce to paste ratio was 2:1. No meat in the sauce. Sauce is thicker than average

For a 5 gallon batch there was 1 stalk of chopped celery (would disappear by the time the sauce was done cooking), as well as all the leaves from the bunch. A LOT of sweet basil. There was no sugar in the recipe. No chunks of tomatoes. A lot of pepper (usually completely coated the top of the batch)

Sauce would simmer for about 12 hours. I remember we would let the bottom scorch just a little bit.

For the meatballs this is what I remember - either 1 or 2 eggs per pound of ground beef. A lot of pepper, garlic, sweet basil. With 5 lbs of meat I seem to remember using about 3 loafs of bread. The meatballs had more bread than the average, that's for sure.

My family loved garlic and basil, I like celery a ton now so I may up the celery some in my batch.

I hope someone has an idea of what I'm trying to create and can lead me in a good direction. Thanks for your help!!
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