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Discussion in 'Professional Chefs' started by chefmikeseaside, Jul 12, 2005.

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    does anyone have an athentic spaget sauce receipe please let me know the one i am using is less than desirable
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    I'm assuming you mean Spaghetti sauce, as in Marinara Sauce.

    What one person likes, another mgiht not like, therefore part of cooking in general is experimenting with many different types of foods, sauces included. I could tell you how I make mine, but you may not like it, you have to experiment on your own, to see what's good to you.

    BTW, if you get your sauce from a jar, yeah, it's just Spaghetti sause, if you make it yoruself, then you may call it Marinara sauce.

    To call it Spaget sauce is kind of insulting to working chef's and cooks alike, who actually make it from scratch.
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    I doubt some will post a good Marinara sauce recipe for you to use. You won't get mine.

    I will offer some pointers:
    Use Good tomatoes peeled whole romas or San Marzano (From Italy)
    Use Fresh Herbs
    Cook gently but not all friggin Day
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    I Just Like Food
    There are tons of red pasta sauces out there and not all are for spagetti. This is what I have learned from my Italian husband and from living in Italy. Here a quick bit of sauce nomenclature.

    This you make with whatever you like/desire. Kind of like your own special recipe. I have one but it depends on what's in the fridge too.
    onions, garlic, meat, herbs, wine etc..

    Marinara traditionally contains tomatoes, wine, oregano, oil, garlic, no onions and no meat.

    Ragu=red sauce with meat. In many places the meat is duck, capriola (wild deer), rabbit or cingiale (wild boar). The duck ragu is traditionally served with tagliatelle or paparedelle, both thicker flat pastas. If you enter a restaurant in Chianti for example, you will never see the duck ragu with any other type of pasta.

    Ragu alla Bolognese=red sauce with meat from Bologna
    It has meat, 1/3 ground pork, beef and veal, mirepoix (which is 50% chopped onion, 25% each chopped celery and carrot), tomato paste, wine, tomatoes, and the secret ingredient is milk. (see my site for the recipe)

    Puttanesca is a red sauce with toms, capers, anchovies, olives, and garlic. (again see my site for the recipe.)

    It is true that many people with great recipies like to keep them to themselves but I am fine with sharing. Lot's of people ask me for them and I have run out of reasons why I can't share. I wish you good luck with your recipe. I love pasta so much, it has slowly replaced rice in my life and being Chinese that is a big deal.