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Anyone know what to do with soybeans? My mother is going through "that time" of a woman's life and would love to include more soy in her life, however, the blandness of plain soybeans just isn't encouraging her to eat them.

How exactly does one fix them in a palatable manner?
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I'm not sure if one can eat enough each day to make a difference, but there are lots of ways to try:
  • green soybeans -- "edamame" -- boiled in their shells, seasoned lightly with salt and spiced, are an addictive snack
  • soybeans can be used in curries as a protein base and in other "ethnic" dishes where other kinds of beans might be used
  • tofu -- beancurd -- is fabulously versatile in all its different consistencies, for stirfries, in chili, in soups, etc.
  • soy milk?
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Has she tried them fresh in the pod yet?

Edamame is absolutely delicious (fresh soybeans in the pod, thrown into boiling water for 5 minutes, then into ice water to stop cooking, sprinkle with salt, suck the beans out of the pods). I grow it just to eat it fresh and anyone I've ever introduced it to becomes addicted to is as well, just as Suzanne mentioned...
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Please note this link.

I recalled somewhere in the past hearing about this, so I did a Google search. I think all edamame we can buy in most grocery stores here in the U.S. have been cooked. I've enjoyed them myself and will continue to do so. I'd avoid buying them directly from a farmer (and we do raise our share of soybeans here in Wisconsin!) and munching them raw. :(


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Make your own soy milk. Take some soybeans (get the kind without the black eye) and soak them overnight. Boil it up with a screwpine leaf for about 20 minutes on low-medium heat, remove the screwpine, put it in a blender and buzz it up real good, strain.

Don't forget to stir constantly, don't want to burn the soybeans.

Add sugar if you want, it's yummy :)


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