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which one of the 5 major soy milk makers is really good and sturdy. exact model please.....I would prefer stainless steel. Something quality..

NO JUNK...  thanks
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I'm looking for a soy milk maker also. One I looked at in the store, Miracle Exclusives, has the advantage of making the milk in a pitcher, but everything about it seems slightly flimsy. It also isn't so easy to clean as neither the lid nor the pitcher can be submerged in water. However, a person in the store assured me that they haven't had the one machine sold this year returned. (To be fair, it is a small store that didn't have a big stock of these machines and this is a small town.) Does anyone have experience with other brands of automatic soy milk makers? I would like one that is both durable and easy to clean.
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I have the SoyaPower soymilk maker.  The reason I purchased this one is because It has a variety of settings,  including a cold cycle, and may be used for nutmilk and ricemilk.  I cannot use soymilk,  but I do enjoy almond milk, especially in my smoothies.  This machine is well made and sturdy.  I bought this online a few years ago, and do not remember the company that was selling it.  This is a "refurbished" unit, so it was discounted from the original price, however it came with a full 2years warranty.  I've had no problems with its performance.

The interior of the pitcher is stainless steel, as is the basket. 

You mentioned cleaning.  The "head" of this one is also non-submersible, but it isn't too difficult to clean.  The pitcher may be submersed,  although I wouldn't recommend putting it into the dishwasher simply because the outer layer is plastic, then there's insulation, and then stainless inside.  This is all bonded together.  Probably it would be best to hand wash to prevent the layers from separating or becoming warped.  I would also not allow it to soak in the sink.  If tended to immediately,  a quick swish with soapy water then rinse, and you'r done. It came with a brush, scrubbing pad and special enzyme powder .  Using the heat settings causes residue to build up on the screen and the heating element.  The enzyme powder is used to get those componants super clean. 

I hope you find one you like.  I'm very pleased with this one. 

Edit:  This is available at,  with many very favorable reviews.  One in particular is very detailed, and will gives a very good description of the appliance and how it works. 

Type in SoyaPower.  Another product called SoyaJoy will also appear.  Both are by the same maker, but the SoyaPower appears to be more versatile. 

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