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I'm looking for a recipe for the southern style spicy crab. I had this very unforgettably delicious crab at my friend's house warming party and even it was almost 10 years ago I still remember. (I'm Japanese so I love seafood!) The guy who also came to the party brought a bunch of whole dungeness crabs and a huge steamer and I remember he was in the kitchen steaming them for a long time. The crab was tasty and spicy, and I think he said it's southern or cajun style.

I used to eat out everyday so I didn't care for the recipe at that time but now since I cook at home everyday and got a steamer so I'd love to try it myself!

I tried some crab recipes I found online but it didn't come out as tasty as his... the source doesn't seem to penetrate through the shell. :-(

If you know a recipe for something similar, please share!

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Funny you should ask, there's a topic about boiling crabs going on right now on another part of the forum.

In Louisiana, we boil our crabs using either liquid or powdered crab boil. I prefer the powder, but often use both. Zatarain's Pro Boil is the best option in my opinion. I also typically add more cayenne, bay leaves, dried oregano, lemons, mushrooms, andouille sausage, whole heads of garlic, pearl onions, corn on the cobb, and then crabs, of course. While you are talking about dungeoness, we use blue crabs. Also not too familiar with steaming them, as we always boil. That's how the flavor penetrates the shell. You won't get that steaming them. Hope this helps.
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