Southern Foodways Alliance 2002 Symposium

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I just got a flyer on this year's Southern Foodways Symposium, to be held October 17 - 20 at the University of Mississippi at Oxford. The subject is: Barbecue: Smoke, Sauce, and History, and the event includes "the first (and most likely only) Coleslaw and Potato Salad Invitational."

Among the presentations are:
  • Can Barbecue Save America?
  • "We Didn't Know From Fatback": a Southern Jewish Perspective on Barbecue
  • The Politics of Barbecue (Or Why Newt Gingrich Dug Up His Front Yard)
  • and as the final session, Calvin Trillin speaking on Reflections of a Hungry Boy
For information, contact Southern Foodways Symposium, Center for the Study of Southern Culture, The University of Mississippi, P.O. Box 1848, University, MS 38677
or email: [email protected] (Mary Beth Lasseter, 662-915-5993)

Let me tell you, I'm seriously considering this!:lips: :lips: :lips:
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If you go, you will love it. I have been a member of the SFA for several years and thier symposiums are always a lot of fun. John T. Edge is the prez., Director? or something like that and is head of the Institute for Southern Studies at Ol' Miss-a very nice fellow and very accessible. He also authored A Gracious Plenty and Southern Belly, both good southern cookbooks with lots of essays by terrific writers (the Mint Julep recipe by Col. Bruckner is a scream.) Though, I have to say, a buttermilk pie recipe is glaringly absent from both.

I wish to heaven that I could attend the symposium this year as we are 'Cue crazy around here, but my husband was just cast in a fabulous play that opens the DR2 theater in early September. We'll all be thoroughly entrenched in theater-world until November making a trip south impossible.

Let me know how you enjoy it. I'll want all the details.
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can you tell me more about the southern food alliance.

i love southern cooking, and have always been interested in southern foodways.

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