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I have never really eaten at a "Soul Food" restaurant, I would love to find out where I can go here in LA.
Any suggestions?:D
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Sorry, I'm in NYC, and have rarely been out your way. BUT: if you take a look at the Los Angeles board of Chowhound, I'll bet you'll get LOTS of answers. All highly opinionated.

BTW: did I see you recently on the WCR site?
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Have you tried Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles? They're great, but ooooh, a heart attack waiting to happen!
Remember, southern cooking and soul food, though related and similar, can be different in origin, style, and presentation.
Better stop myself, I could go on for hours and I have groceries to put away.
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I will check out more on the suggested area.
Suzanne, I was on WCR :bounce:
I decided I had to network to find more people in my area too.:chef:

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