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I've come up with an Idea. (this can sometimes be scary). Anyway, the restaurant that I work at just underwent a few million dollars in reno's and we now have a sort of south west/ aztec designed interior, so I was thinking it would be really cool to have a south west week, where we could serve a different southwestern dish every night for the dinner special. The only challenge is keeping them on the lower end of the spice spectrum. any suggestions would be appreciated. I sort of want to build a menu and then present the idea to my manager, that's the theory I'm sticking with. thanks in advance.
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How about a lime/chipolti marinaded breast of chicken,Served over a warm black bean and toasted corn salad and topped with a mango salsa.maybe a blue cornmeal encrusted salmon fillet with a jicama,cucumber,cilantro relish with a chili oil drizzel.
grilled breast of duck seasoned with cumin and served ala tostada with guacomole,salsa,chiffanade of lettuce and anjo pepper aioli.grilled and roasted rabbit with a white peach/tequila sauce.Fajitas with tomotila sauce.Medallions of beef with a roasted poblano pepper sauce and a jicama/blank bean garnish.Grilled pork tenderlion with a apple and red chilies chutney. Just some ideas...If I think of more I will post them
BTW..good luck
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Cafe Chef: Those dishes sound terrific.

CoolJ: I don't really have any suggestions since I'm just a home cook, but the salmon dish would be terrific for you since you can get excellent, fresh wild salmon fairly easily there in Kamloops. How about a slightly spicy grilled salmon with a refreshing mango salsa? Mangos in season now too.
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Wow CC! Are your roots "Southwestern"?


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The Pink Adobe in Santa Fe used to make a dish call "Steak Dunnigan" Which was basically a New York strip sirloin topped with mushrooms and chopped green New Mexico chilis in (if memories serves) a simple brown sauce.

Served with a side of posole, guacamole and tostadas.

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I love spinach enchiladas, which are pretty simple - spinach and cream cheese in the tortilla, covered with a green chile sauce, sprinkled with jack or pepper jack, and sometimes garnished with a little sour cream or guacamole. On the low end of the spice range --- high end of the fat range. :rolleyes:
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Did a southwestern cheddar pizza yesterday.
Cumin/chili spiked tomato sauce, taco meat, roasted chicken, corn salsa, pickled jalepenos, cheddar, cilantro and cotijo cheese or feta crumbles. Ole'!

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Almost forgot, here's a southwestern twist on a Ceasar dressing that I came up with one night playing with some dried chilies. Enjoy!

Caesar (Chavez) Dressing

Recipe By : John Paul Khoury,CCC
Serving Size : 2 Preparation Time :0:10
Categories : Cold Sauces & Vinaigrettes

Amount Measure Ingredient -- Preparation Method
-------- ------------ --------------------------------
1 each dried California Chile pod -- stemmed & seeded
1/2 cup water -- boiling
6 cloves garlic -- peeled
1 teaspoon anchovy paste
2 ounces lime juice
1 ounce apple cider vinegar
1 each chipotle pepper in adobo -- optional
1 pinch cumin -- ground
1 pinch achiote -- paste
1 splash worcestershire sauce
1 pinch black pepper -- coarsely ground
1 whole egg
1 cup canola oil -- (+-)
1/4 cup parmesan -- grated fine
kosher salt -- to taste

Soak California chile in boiling water till tender, put in blender with
water, add rest of ingredients except oil. Puree'. In a steady stream
with blender running emulsify with the oil. Season.

An Italian in Mexico with the surname of Caesar invented Caesar
salad.Now if a native Mexican had invented it it might taste something
like this!

Toss with Romaine and serve with corn bread croutons.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


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Technically, when we say Southwest cuisine, are we talking about things like Mole and various chile sauces which are like Mole? Is it an extension of what we Northerners like to call Tex-Mex? For example, the fajitas at Chi chi's is Tex-Mex but not Southwest right?

Just wondering,



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I used to work for Kevin Rathbun at NAVA in Atlanta. Kevin was Chef de Cuisine for many years under Stephen Pyle in Dallas, before he moved to Atlanta. The great thing about "Southwestern" cuisine is that it gives you plenty of room to play. Sure you can use authentic mexican or indian dishes, but it can go beyond that. We created great dishes using those cuisines as a basis for what we did. Things like Sweet Corn and Shrimp Rellenos (breaded in multi-colored tortillas), Anasazi Bean Enchiladas with Jalapeno marinated Shrimp and Mango sauce, Mussels in an Ancho-Beer Broth with Pinon Bread. Have fun, be creative. Just remember, respect the cuisines also. If you are going to make a mole then do it properly, but then have fun and pair it with something that it is not normally paired with.

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