Sous Vide Ziploc Bag and other various issues

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Hi everyone,

This is my first post and I'd like to bring up a few questions I have about the sous vide style of cooking. I recently discovered this while browsing the web and being an amateur cook ... and I use the word cook very loosely here ... I do not have the high tech equipment restaurateurs or professional home cooks have. Being limited to using ziploc bags I am curious as to whether these can be safely used for the purpose of cooking beef/chicken/fish sous vide, that is at relatively low temperatures between 50-60c. 

In addition I've found that in my research the botulism "danger" topic keep popping up with arguments usually being along the lines of "botulism bacteria can multiply in the low temperatures of sous vide cooking". My thinking however is if I am only going to be cooking using the sous vide method for 30min - 1 hour .... how is this any different than leaving out the food while still in vacuum pack out to defrost for the same amount of time. Given a much longer cooking time for some cuts of meet approaching 24-48 hours I can see the concern but was wondering whether this botulism argument had any weight for food being cooked in <2 hours.

Id like to thank everyone in advance for your help and am sure that your input would be very insightful.

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Sous vide is GREAT! There are however rules to the game, steak needs to be cooked at 140, then seared till desired temp, chicken needs to be at 165, and seared if you wish, fish 155, these temps are the temps of the water. You need to check it continuously. For the zip lock bags, I am stuck using the same method, get some small bar straws and seal the bag all the way to the far corner, just big enough for the straw, hold tightly and suck all the air out. If you don't, the air pockets left in the bag will not get the protein to the desired temp.

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