Sous Vide Steak in High Volume

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Let's say you have 15 steaks that you did not use during service on a given night.

What is the best way to cool them and then re heat them the next day for service?

Thanks in advance !

Todd Mason
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I guess it depends on your health department variances... If the steaks are in bags my advice would be to submerge them in an ice bath, once cooled, put on a c-fold lined tray and cater wrap. To reheat, I would assume you could rebag and recirculate. In my experience we submerge a poaching bath in a water bath, so nothing is bagged or under pressure... extras are blast chilled, wrapped and re dropped the next day assuming they were not poached long enough to fall apart or degrade in quality. 
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Assuming you cooked to pasteurization, chill them rapidly in a properly prepared ice bath (this means a lot of ice and a lot of water!).  Retherm them the same way you cooked them. Done once there's very little loss of quality.  Provided you didn't hold them more than a few hours beyond the point where they were "done".  This will depend on the cut of steak, etc.
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Shouldnt this be a part of every sous vide HACCP plan?
In a better world it would be.  In our world it depends on locality. IIRC you must have a HACCP plan filed with the health dept to sous vide in NYC.  However in my city and state there are no rules at all.

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