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    I'm torn in what to do; i work about 70 hours a week i split duties with another sous chef who only orders bread the place is so disorganized theres no recipe book every sauce, special and plating idea is mine. part me wants to venture away , but i been in a chef postion but hated never having a day off. i want to leave and do my own thing but in philly  now no degree no job for  you. 
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    I am not from nor in Philly so I could be mistaken but I find that hard to believe. If it were my establishment and money on the line; and it has been; I would be interested more in your skills, work ethic, and demeanor  than I would be in a piece of paper.

    You're doing 70 hours as a sous. You should be able to find a chef position, that after an initial period, has roughly the same expenditure of time with a day off as well. If not, then the fault would be yours. Be it because of insufficient training of staff, poor delegation, inability to let go... whatever. Bottom line is if you are working too many hours and have no day off., no matter the reason, it still comes back to point to the top and you as chef.
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    I 100% agree with layne on this one. 

    I highly doubt a restaurant owner of chef would not give a job to someone just because they lacked a piece of paper, even though they have years of experience in the industry. 

    If you are overworked, well im sorry but thats because you are taking on too much responsibility especially when you have another chef that divides those tasks with you. 

    The other sous only orders bread... why is that if he should be splitting the work load. Either have a serious talk to him, or you might as will dig your own grave at this place. 

    No recipes, and a lot of disorganization, but to me that seems like something you have to handle in any kitchen when you gain responsibility.

    IMO this place has some problems, and the reasons being are a mix between lack of delegation that leads to poor teamwork. Your are being stepped on <_<...

    I think its time for a staff meeting and let everyone have it straight. Talk to your sous, talk to your staff, and talk to the owners, keeping this bottled up won´t do you any favors. If you can´t handle this place or the sitaution shows no chance of changing for the better be prepared to put your notice up at any time, and start sending out some resumes as well. 

    I hope this situation betters you as a cook, and as a leader. 
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