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Hello, I am a new member to this forum. My name is Stacey Klaff, and I attend a culinary school in Phoenix, Arizona. It's called the Art Institute of Phoenix. Anyway, I was interested in knowing if anyone can tell me how to make a sourdough starter. My family is in love with sourdough bread, and I would love to know how to make it. I know that it's probably time-consuming, but I just happen to have a break coming up from school, and would have plenty of time to "test" it out. I would appreciate any input anyone could give me. Thank you!:p :p


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Opinions vary. Some say to take a flour and water sponge and leave it out to collect the natural yeast of your area. Others use wines and beers to start with those yeasts. And others use a standard bread dough sponge and let it sour/age.

Ask around, you'll find someone with a starter who will share some with you and teach its finer points of care and feeding.

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Checkout Glezer's book called ARTISAN BAKING ACROSS AMERICA. In it are several methods for making a sourdough starter and I used her method successfully.
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