Sourdough hearth bread timing

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I've used Rose Levy Beranbaum's The Bread Bible for years with great success, and now for the first time I've embarked on sourdough. It all works--good flavor and crumb and so on, no problem.

My problem is timing.

Following her system:

Day 1, am: feed starter
Day 1, early pm: feed starter
Day 1, evening: refrigerate starter

Day 2, 7:30: put starter on counter
8:30: mix flour and water, autolyze
9:00: knead in starter
9:20: begin first rise
10:25: begin second rise
11:30: begin final dough rise
3:30: shape bread
5:00: start oven
6:00: start baking
6:30: cool bread
7:15: bread is fully done

This seems VERY long to me. If I want to eat around 7, and don't want to be chasing the bread, I have to start playing with the dough at 6:30 or earlier.

Does this seem right to you folks?
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it is a basic guideline that can be flipped around a bit.

Baking at home I like to feed my levain the first day in the morning, then immediately refrigerate. I'll pull the levain either the next morning (day 2) before I go to work so I can mix a dough that evening, or pull the levain the evening after I feed it (day 1) to mix(day 2) and bake the next day(day 3).Or mix and bake same day if I have the day off.

Either way the starter has time to become very bubbly and active, passing the float test. 1-2 hour autolyse, 1 hour bench rest, shape, and cold proof in my fridge overnight. pull out the loaf (day 3) while the oven preheats, bake in cast iron dutch oven.

This fits my schedule, which is the most important part for me.
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