Sourdough Boule on Baking Stone

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Hello! I am new to the group, but have been baking for years. I have a 6 year old sourdough starter and I make 2 boules per week for my family. I bake them in a cast iron dutch oven. They turn out great, and I have no complaints. But....I simply LOVE the taste and texture of the bread when cooked on a hot stone.

My problem is, however, every time I cook my dough on a baking stone, it ends up splitting open and pouring out, even though I've sufficiently scored it.

I'm kind of a one-stringed-banjo with my bread. I can make a boule in a dutch oven like clockwork, but outside of that, it seems I'm in need of some advice.

my basic recipe and process is:

4 cups low ash high protein flour
2 cups water
1.5 teaspoons salt

once mixing it sits for 30 mins
then I do slap and fold for 10 mins
rest for 10 mins
then stretch and fold 4x every 10 mins.

Then I stick it in the fridge for 24-48 hours, pull it out and let it rise for 3-4 hrs, score it, place in dutch oven and bake on 550 for 20 mins, remove lid, bake another 8-10 mins.

For the stone, I've tried the same process, I've tried letting it sit out longer, shorter, direct out of the fridge, etc. Same result.

Am I baking too high of temp? Too large of a boule?

Any advice is appreciated!

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My need to add steam to the oven when you bake. Your crust may be forming too soon, and it will seal the inside of the bread off with no where to go except to burst through at the weakest spot.

Try pre-heating a metal sheet pan on a rack below the baking stone, and add some water to the pan as you add the bread. Maybe repeat once more 10-15 mins after the bread goes in. The moisture will help keep the bread supple and the crust won't form until later.

The reason you don't deal with this with the dutch oven is because the lid traps the moisture and keeps the crust moist.

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