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Hi -
I live in Corvallis, Oregon, and the only source I've been able to find for veal bones (to make demi-glace) is in Portland. They charge me $3.00/lb, and they are not consistent in their availability. Anyone out there have a reliable, reasonable source for veal bones, who would sell to a home cook like me?? Any info would be appreciated.
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They give them to me for free if I buy something else. Good butcher, high quality meat. You pay a premium but they know their customers well. THey'll even saw them for me!
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When I want to make veal stock, like I did this weekend, I call the butcher about a week ahead. They are usually more than willing to save the veal bones that accumulate during the week. Like Anneke said, they will even saw them open to expose the marrow. I think I paid about $20 for 7 pounds last week.
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Anneke/KyleW -
When I used to live in Va., I was able to do exactly as you suggest/describe. My butcher collected bones for me, and I paid a paltry $1.25/lb. Being a regular customer, he/they knew what I needed, so I had a great assortment of 'bones' (marrow, meat scraps, etc.). Alas, out here the (few) butchers I've contacted aren't so accommodating (sp?, but I keep looking), and I've found out that good 'bulk' sales are restricted to industry types, not home cooks. On the up side though, my current source charges $2.95/lb, so apparently around $3.00/lb is 'good'. Your inputs are consistently helpful - thanks... (Happy Holidays to you and yours).


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Just get hold of some company like SYSCO or ALLIANT. Ask them if they have a will call. Go over there and they should have a miscellaneous customer number which they use for people who don't have a formal account with them. One caveat; just because they're commercial suppliers doesn't make it any cheaper.

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Good advice from Kuan. One thing that might deter you from using it is the fact that they will want to sell you 50 pound cases. A smaller, local meat purveyor might be able to split a case, though.
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Kuan/Greg -
Thanks for the info, I'll see what I can rustle up. (50 lb boxes of bones are not a problem).
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