Source for plates & servers?

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I left the catering biz many moons ago, but have continued hosting wine tasting dinners for friends & family.  To date, I've been buying interesting plates & servers at places like Pier 1.  I'd really like to find a source for cool plates & servers, especially some of those wavy or angular shapes, and wide rimmed ones.  Can anyone point me towards some online vendors?  Many thanks for your replies to my virgin post on this great looking site!
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tntoo, first off, welcome to Cheftalk. I think you'll like it here.

Anyway, simplest thing is to google "restaurant tableware" "restaurant dinnerware" and "restaurant flatware." You'll get all kinds of hits, are are likely to find exactly what you're looking for.

One thing that may have changed since you were in the business: Because sauces have gone through a transition whereby many of them are brothlike, many (perhaps most?) serviceware now is at least slightly bowled. So, in addition to those odd-ball shapes, keep in mind that something which appeals to you might not actually be a flat plate.
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Walk into a local rest supply house and ask  to see their various books on china and small- wares  Check out Seneca. Anchor Hocking.Bloomfield,, Edward Don Corp to name a few.
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