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I just received a catalog from Hubert company that supplies the food industry but everything is so expensive. I know there are secondary markets for restaurant/retail equipment but I'd like to know if anyone can help me put a finger on some of the more reputable companies. Just looking at internet sites doesn't cut it. Also, there must be auctions for good quality ranges, fridges, freezers, displays etc. Any suggestions? Are there any items that you would absolutely have to have that are new versus previously owned? I'm looking at anything needed for a small commercial kitchen/retail shop. :look:
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Many cities have restaurant supply houses that recondition and resell equipment. Baltimore and DC probably do, and Philadelphia. You might just have to get out the yellow pages and then hop in the car and have a look with your own eyes.

What comes first to my mind is that the place should offer a warranty on the reconditioned item. And for some things you might consider renting rather than buying, since some rental agreements specify that if the machine breaks, the supplier has to give you a reasonable substitute in a reasonable time.

(I really want to see what others say here; I will soon be in a similar position, and I know folks here have a lot more expertise in this than I.)
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Check the classified ads in your paper; I've seen a lot of ads for used restaurant equipment. Also, auctions.
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I'm a new equipment rep in Chicago and I call on both new and used equipment dealers. I would recommend finding two or three reps like me in your area and ask them who they would recommend for used equipment. You can locate the reps through the mafsi organization. I think the url is

As far as new versus used, refrigeration is good to purchase new since you get a full warranty (usually 1-year parts and labor and 5-year compressor). Ice machines are usually leased and serviced by the leasing distributor. Many of the other items you will need can be purchased used. It is just a matter of getting familiar with what is available and for how much. Just be ready to purchase when you see something you really need. Used equipment can move fast.
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I bought some of my equipment on ebay all of the items are still working well after almost a year. I know I got my moneys worth on my mixer knock on wood for a few more years out of the rest of the stuff that I bought (actually my repair guy said as long as I maintain the equipment it should all last for a long time) Read what people are saying about the seller. I am always browsing ebay for new deals....
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