sour cream substitute?

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Butter milk substitute:

2 cups milk (full,non or low fat)
1 tablespoon white vinegar
let set for 10 min. it may curdle, that's what you want.
Sour Cream substitutes:

yogurt, full fat, low fat and no fat is okay. I often use this when I don't want the fat because non fat sour cream has too much sugar and fillers in it.


pureed cottage cheese add a little vinegar to flavor.


3 parts cream cheese to 1 part buttermilk to consistancy in a pinch.

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for a friend:

"What can I use to substitute "sour cream"? I can only find regular cream (full-fat cream) and plain yoghurt here in this small towon in Malaysia. I have many recipes that I use very often that call for "sour cream". I find it's rather difficult for me to bake or cook without it. There is no buttermilk either...

I am open for all suggestion... Thanks."

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