Soup-hiding taste of kidney beans

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I am a beginner cook and make a vegetarian minestrone soup in a crockpot-beans, diced tomatoes, kale, carrots, onions, spices and I put water on the top I have been using canned kidney beans which I don't love, but want to continue to use them- just read you can puree them. How do I do this? If I put the beans in a blender is the liquid in the can enough or will I need water?  Thanks!
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It's the texture of the bean I don't like.  I don't know if pureeing it will change that. If not, is there another type of bean I can use?  Thanks!


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You need some liquid to poor the beans. You should use some of the broth so the flavor doesnt shift too much. It will thicken up the soup a lot as well.

I'm not a fan of kidney beans either compared to other beans. Use a small red bean or other smaller bean and I think the texture is better.

Maybe switch to a dry lentil? It will be cheaper and cook in the crock pot just fine. You may find the texture better too.
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I like kidney beans, but I find there to be a big texture difference between the canned and dried.
I way prefer them when starting from scratch.
Maybe try them that way and see if you like them better?
You can actually do a big batch and then freeze in portions.

Otherwise, maybe go a total different route and go for chickpeas or black eyed peas?
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I'm not a fan of kidney beans either.  When using canned I like small white, red, pink or black beans.  For dry I prefer Pinto beans and they cream up nicely too.  Lentils are good as well and as mentioned will cook in the soup just fine.


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@musiclvr56   If you want to puree them you can either use an immersion blender or a regular blender. I like to puree a 3/4 of my bean soups and leave 1/4 for texture. 

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