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  1. Just wondering. I have 5 soups and need to pair them with 3 bread choices. Please help me connect the dots.
    1. Lemon grass and spicy seafood.
    2. Mushroom cappuccino.
    3. Thai chicken soup.
    4. White bean and truffle oil.
    5. Asian bisque.
    It's a 2hr cooking class and I need to demonstrate soups plus add sandwiches, hm mm I'm not going to be able to bake bread also. Maybe I could make crostini's?.... no I'm just not to sure what to do. Any suggestions would be helpful                                                                              
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    Thai,and Asian people do not serve bread??????? The Cappuccino served in a tall glass no bread, as far as white bean a light bread or crosstini.
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    Toast points for the mushroom cap just like mushroom toast.

    Oiled and grilled french bread slices for the Thai chicken soup.

    Steamed buns for the white bean soup.

    The "Asian" soup, hmm... haven't a clue as to what that might be.
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    Thai,and Asian people do not serve bread???????

    Not exactly. We don't serve what the western world consider to be bread, but we do serve a variety of breads.

    For the Asian soups, go for things like steamed/baked/fried buns, Mandarin pancakes (use for Peking duck or mu shu), sesame pockets, green onion pancakes, Malaysian style roti, etc.
  5. Thanks for the input and ideas, steamed buns I could easily do and I like the fit, working well with a couple of soups.Along with the crostinis made from a baguette and doubling for grilled french bread. Currently composing flavor combo's.for the Mushroom cinno, which will be made with fresh portobellos dried shitake, porcini and oysters, fresh basil, shallots or onions, black garlic and Italian parsley, and olive oil. So I'm thinking foam or froth? Lemon or lime foam? Orange honey and ginger froth? What about chocolate and orange? Even thinking about using my black walnuts with a caramel froth.

    Oh when I say Asian "bisque" I only refer that word with shrimp, of course a vegetable bisque falls under food expressions I can't stand because; My name is Taj and I'm an anal retentive chef, with an obsessive food disorder. This is my first