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I love to garden. I have a container garden. Can't believe all you can grow out of a flower box and a few large pots.

Since I had to give up sports, I wanted to do a manual activitiy. A few years ago I discovered appliqué. There is nothing like needle work to take your mind off things.
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To all you chef/gardeners out there, I'm digging it, too. LOL, Momoreg! Whatcha got growing? Since I started cooking professionally, I haven't spent much time in the garden. But I have the time now as I quit my job last week. The only thing that has survived is the rosemary. I'm going to plant roses so that I can have organic roses to use in one of my desserts.
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Can't be complete without Ken's a MUST have. Barbie just sent me a PM to that effect!!!

And concerning Deb's Dolls website, LOL, I look forward!


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I am a big time Backgammon fan. Play about 10 games a day on average.

But my favorite relaxing activity is to sit outside on the patio very early in the morning when it is quiet and read my bible and have a cup of coffee.

I also love a good round of paint ball with my friends.
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My mom had a real green thumb, but gardening has never been my thing. I've spent so much money trying to grow things in my front and back yard. I finally got so furious that I went out and bought a whole load of artificial flowers and stuck them in the ground. No kidding, it took us three years to grow grass. The only thing I can successfully grow is mold :(
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Monpetitchoux, I am growing carrots, red and yellow bell peppers, string beans, shallots, tomatoes, celery, parsley, basil, cilantro, thyme, rosemary, and habaneros.

So far so good, except the celery. I can't figure out what it needs.

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Yoga, long drives, photography, reading, painting, sculpting, running, and shopping for kitchen "toys"

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I like to give in to moods, I feel refreshed afterward.

Sitting outside watching thunderstorms.

Making my own versions of Frappucino.

Writing new (and cheesy) lyrics to well-known songs.

Listening to music from parts of the world I have never been. Especially Pakistan, Algeria, Zimbabwe, Finland, etc.

Wandering around art museums (if I can drag my husband in!)

Playing games, but only if I win.

Coming up with ideas for paintings that will never be painted because I am not an artist, but it lives in my head.

Writing letters, instead of e-mails, to friends.

Playing with my puppies with no other plan in mind.

Trying to learn Gaelic.

Reading old classics and finding quotes that have deeper meaning.

Finding a place that is silent and seeking.

(I wish I had time for this kind of thing... right now life seems too crazy....)

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Nancya, I love your line about watching your kite chase the sky. You could do a really nice poem around that line.
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Gliding on the ice..., What a wonderful feeling of freedom. Flying must feel the same to birds. Kittens??? Oh, how adorable :) And a baby? You have a handful of heaven in your household, Hockeypuck.
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LOL! It doesn't matter. When you are with the person you love, you really do have a little patch of heaven. :D

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