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In my last term at school and this consists of a simulation kitchen, it's exactly what it sounds like, the class running a sim restaurant, serving guests. Anyway, I have a chocolate souflee on the menu, and I've done it numerous times, to practice. My question is, what I'm worried about, is how can I have these prepped, is there any other recipe that doesn't take 12-18 minutes? And is the ideal way to serve them melted in the middle, like lava or solid, cooked throughout?
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The easiest way is to prepare the whole base (without the eggwhites) well in advance and cool it. When serving mostly table by table, you only need to take the needed amount of base, just whisk the required amount of eggwhite and fold it in the number of pots you need at that moment, etc.

A soufflé always has to be cooked through, it's not a moeulleux which has a fluid center.
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