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Some people use a leather strop for deburring. That is perfectly possible if you know what you're doing, accept some rounding of the edge and do it only with softer steel types. In that case the rough side is being used. The idea is the burr gets weakened, and eventually will fall off. Haven't seen this working only with very simple soft carbon steels where it makes little sense because deburring on stones with those steels is already very easy.
Things get more problematic with harder and more charged alloys, where the burr has to get abraded along the entire stone progression. On a stone, one uses edge leading strokes to avoid the formation of a new burr while abrading the old one. On leather, the burr doesn't fall off, and if it were to happen it would leave a severely damaged edge behind.
With softer stainless like the one Henckels, Wüsthof and Victorinox the problem is in the high polishing that results from the stropping. Edge retention will suffer. Best keep those steels beneath a 1k grit. The chromium carbides tend to break out from their soft environment (called 'matrix'). The carbides aren't abraded during the stropping, but the matrix gets even more weakened.
I'm well there are tons of videos showing how simple stropping is. It is not. Better learn good stone sharpening, raising a burr, recognise it, chase it, abrade it, before starting with a very different technique and new tools. It's the man, not the arrow.
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Hey Folks,

Just felt like showing off. Here are the knives I've got now. Masutani Nakiri and Santoku. Tojiro DP Bunka. I forgot who makes the tall petty. All are great knives. The Masutani's and Tojiro were scary sharp out of the box. The petty was good but not quite as sharp. I tried sharpening it with some whet stones I bought off Amazon. I got it maybe a little bit sharper but not much. But this was only my second time using whet stones so I just need more practice.

I'm sure you guys all have much nicer knives but I'm just a home cook and didn't want to spend a fortune. I think for the money I paid, these knives are awesome. Certainly more than adequate for a home cook. Between these knives and the new Calphalon Signature pans I just bought, cooking is a lot more fun now.

Thanks for all the help so far guys. I can tell that this can easily become a very expensive "hobby".


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