Sorry, I am not very explicit!!!

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Sorry for Kimmie and Isa, who tried to answer last time. Actually, I need definition in English, I already have the terms in French, but thank you anyway!
SO If somebody can help^me to find the definition of the following words in English, everything is about pastry . Thank you by advance :
to cut (dough)
to remove from the mould or to demould!
to fill (pastry)
and what are the words for to put ion the oven and to put out the oven, I mean the technical words in English and their definition in English also,
Thank you so much,
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Hello again, tambopata. You will be more likely to get responses to your questions about pastry in one of the three "Pastries and Baking" forums. I suggest you post your question in one of those three forums, as some of our pastry enthusiasts check those forums more than any others. Just scroll down on the main Chef Talk Cafe screen and you will see the three forums there.

Good luck!
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Been doing pastries for a couple of years now and can't recall any technical names for these actions. We use slang for a lot of things though, like THROW it in the oven, YANK it out of the oven.
POP or TURN OUT of the mould, ETC.
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