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I would like this thread to include advice and menu ideas on cooking and being a chef in a fraternity and or sorority house. I am a new chef at a fraternity house and am looking for some menu ideas and any tips I can get on being successful
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Work within the budget. If you don't have one, ask the guys for one. That alone should help guide your decisions.
Ask what they have liked in the past, what they didn't, what they would have liked but the cook didn't do a good job of, etc.
Depending on who is in the fraternity culturally speaking, go with comfort foods. Meatloaf, roast chicken, spaghetti and meatballs, Hamburgers and french fries.
This is a good opportunity to work some personality in to your cooking. Get the basics down first so you have a handle on preparing the foods they want and on time. Then a little extra effort on your part can jazz it up some. So instead of roast chicken, you could spend a bit of extra labor and make chicken cordon bleu. Swiss steak with real gravy.
You'll do best getting your knowledge of their costs and likes under control first, then the ongoing discussion with them to make sure they are liking what you are doing, then a bit of your own creativity along those guidelines.
Don't forget the the labels and dates, and you may find a lock is necessary to prevent late night random snacking on your next meal prep. But it's their food so before the lock is implemented, make sure you communicate the problem.

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