Sorbet on cake....

Joined Jan 3, 2005 like cheese on fish.  Or, at least I have had the belief that putting a quenelle of sorbet ON a warmed dessert is a culinary no-no.  Ice cream creates a self-saucing dessert.  As the ice cream melts on a warm cake or tart, it turns into an anglaise, which is a great sauce and accompaniment.  Sorbet on the other hand just melts into sugar water.  Ugh - I wouldn't want to drink it and don't want it making my cake soggy.

But, I have lately had reason to question this and would love to hear your thoughts on it.  There is a warm dessert on our menu that the chef wanted paired with sorbet.  A food critic came in and raved about it, so it soon became the go-to dessert to send out comp to any VIP.  So, I have to ask, is it just me?  Is there any pairing you can think of where sorbet would work on a warm dessert?


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You don't have to serve the sorbet on top of the warm dessert do you? Why not serve it off to the side of the dessert or in it's own ramekin?
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I agree with Chefpeon, and with you I suppose. Sorbet has no place on top of a warm dessert. In fact, I generally don't like adding any frozen element on top of a warm dessert. If I wanted it melted, I wouldn't have taken so much care to make sure that it was frozen properly. Sorbet especially.
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Thanks.  It is good to know I am not completely alone in that belief, then.

But I find nothing wrong with putting a scoop of vanilla ice cream on a warm bowl of peach cobbler.  Yum!

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