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    Gorgeously sited on the dramatic Pacific coastline, I have discovered an picturesque clapboard inn that is the beating heart of the Canadian Slow Cooking Movement ...

    Sinclair Philip, owner of  SOOKE HARBOUR HOUSE is a gastronomic tour de force. With his lady Fréderique he has turned a white clapboard into an oasis deciated to epicures.

    The carte changes daily and everything on it is sourced locally ... Fresh seasonal and local is what this Hotel Restaurant is about.

    The roast leg of suckling kid is raised locally and the wild mushrooms and chanterelles are gathered via hand which are foraged in the nearby rain forest. Yes, rainforest.

    WHY GO:  Vancouver Island is a rugged landscape and seascape, of breathtakingly beautiful turf and surf ... The inn is cocooned in a gourmet haven.

    WHAT TO TAKE:  Binoculars ... Hiking boots ... A good Parka or Leather wind breaker ...

    BEST  ROOM:  Number Five, the Kitchen Garden Room, wallow in the biggest tub and enjoy the awesome views ...

    DETAILS:  Sooke Harbour House, Vancouver Island, British Colombia

    1. 250 . 642 . 3421