Something beyond cookies and brownies

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Hi. Every week I find a dessert and dinner recipe to make for my family. Lately, though, I've been feeling really bored with the dessert recipes. I love baking and find every excuse to do it, but I'm so tired of doing some kind of cookie, brownie, or cupcake every week. Are there good, more interesting recipes you know of? I'm looking to get more experience with difficult recipes, so the harder the better.
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Try a pavlova with fresh berries. It's not too hard, but is not very common, even though you will find a lot of recipes to choose from.
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Creme brulee
Pate a choux creme patisserie
Icebox cookies
Lemmon curd pie
Cheese cake
Bread pudding/ spotted dick
Crepes/ filled or sauteed
Apple pie, served warm with créme anglasie

Dont expect them to be perfect or even pretty the first time. Have fun and develop more skill. The family will be happy test subjects.
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Thanks a lot for the suggestions. They were exactly what I was looking for. I'm sure my brothers will be willing test subjects for these.
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