some turkey questions and suggestions required

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This Christmas is going to be a bit of a tricky one with guests not necessarily eating at the same time.

And I don't know how many people there will be (people here are notoriously booking in last minute)

And because this country has a British history we are stuck with having to do turkey and ham....

Anyway, instead of roasting a full turkey I'm looking at doing a more individualistic approach.

I have the following in mind:

Defrost the turkey

Brine it

  - can I defrost in salt water and replace the water several times?

  - I normally use a 3% brine

Cut it in pieces

  - this I have never done before. Should be similar to chicken isn't it?

Pat dry and dry out a bit

Braai the amount I estimate we need on the webber braai (indirect fire, closed, maybe adding some wood chips.

Obviously the breast needs a shorter time than the legs, so I would do a batch of legs first and if needed the breast etc later on.

Also with this covered cooking method it is fairly difficult to overcook, or am I too optimistic here?

Serve with port sauce (butter, finely chopped onion, little garlic, flour, chicken stock and port), ham, potatoes, and veges (butternut, gem squash?)

Would this work?

ooops been too long in this part of the world: a braai is a bbq. I think a webber braai is the same as a kettle braai. It's not a gas one, but a charcoal one.

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