Some things just never change....

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It's so nice to know that Sysco is just as inept now as they were in 1998 when I refused to allow them into my kitchen and went with another food service purveyor.

Sorry, I'm just angry because I ordered some pretty expensive fresh fish to come into today and when I went to get the order I found 3/4 of it not on the truck. My salesperson called the warehouse and my fish is still sitting there on the floor some several hundred miles away. Now I have to wait another week unless my salesperson drives there to pick it up today. ^&%^$#@#$%^&*(*&^%!!!
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I remember one smaller purveyor, stacking my order on the loading dock.  When he pulled out the potatoes from the truck, the case was wet and falling apart.  Then stench was noticeable as rotting potatoes smell alot like human excrement.  Asked the dude what the he77 he was doing,

"Well, they're on the order".

'nother purveyor nicely packed 6 baskets of blueberries, 2 baskets of cape gooseberries, a bottle of oven cleaner, and a bottle of sanitizer all in the same bannana box....
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It's just amazing what some of them do sometimes.  We get our stuff from corporate but it amazes me what the drivers will try and get away with.  I refused a case of coffee beans as it had been dropped off of the truck into a mud puddle.. nice.  The driver gave me a hard time about sending it back and finally gave me the cost of the coffee beans and I gave him a receipt.  I suspect they get in alot of trouble when product is returned on delivery.  He has been much more careful with our order since then.

Unfortunately I am seeing staff do things like put bottles of cleaning chemicals above where we wash food.... I move it and tell them that they cannot have any chemical like that in a food handling area and then I am off for a couple of days... and yep when I go back in the degreaser and sanitizer are right where they shouldn't be once again!  (did I mention that I have two shifts left there?  LOL)
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I had a driver drop a bag of sugar one day... brought it into the kitchen, I noticed the tear in it.

I walked out towards the loading dock, and there was a pile of sugar behind the truck with a trail leading to my back door. I'd say it was a 15% loss, without taking into consideration the contamination factor..

I told him I was refusing delivery on the sugar... he actually argued with me.

it was the end of my business relationship with "them".
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I used to work for a restaurant company that allowed the delivery company to "drop ship" the order. For those that don't know what drop ship is, the driver has a key to the doors and alarm code so they can drop off the delivery in the middle of the night while noone is there.

Well, one morning, I came in and noticed that my walkin door was left open and the cooler temp was a nice 50 degrees and of course the ice cream was NOT in the freezer but very close to the OPEN door. Needless to say, the ice cream was melting  onto the floor, the protiens temped at 45 and the the cases of chicken were seeping and on top of my cheese. I was furious to say the least when I came in at 7 that morning. So I took pictures and sent them along with a "nice" complaint email to my rep, my corporate chef, regional partner and VP. Six weeks later I was notified that we were switching purveyers.
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You got that right had the exact same experience! Just shit canned them for the last time about 8 weeks ago. They act like its a privilege for me to buy from them. Sysco is just an acronym for "so you shitheads cant organize." Good luck
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You got that right had the exact same experience! Just shit canned them for the last time about 8 weeks ago. They act like its a privilege for me to buy from them. Sysco is just an acronym for "so you shitheads cant organize." Good luck

I love your acronym.....may I use it please?
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I one time they were good. Do to inefficient help and their huge size they have deteriorated over the years/  Their sales reps know as much about meat as my pet cat. They have more then 3 prices for each item. In one place I ran they tried to charge me a gas charge on an order that was about 1600.00 I refused the order . All of that is built into their cost and selling price. Can we charge the customer a % for shipping the dinner? Luckily my volume was so great that I went direct to the manufacturer and bypast them. They came back many times to try and sell us showing us prices that were a lot lower then what they were charging us.I told them that that meant they were overcharging us before and I demanded a refund. They said no and so did I.
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