some sourdough questions

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I have a sourdough starter of 100$ hydration and have been making a fair bit of bread (no, to hardly any-knead bread) that worked well.
I have been trying my hand on sourdough pizza, but that is not so successful.
I can easily work out any hydration, but what should I do after? and what would be the ideal hydration?
Should I knead?
Rest? / no rest?

I would like to be able to make a pizza dough that doesn't take longer to make than a couple hours.
If that's not possible, then it would be nice if I could freeze the dough.

And can I make sourdough pita breads?
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Using sourdough starter for pita or pizza dough will be like using it to bake bread. It's all about time.
The hydration, as you know can vary depending on the usage.
For pizza dough I don't knead as much as for bread...just enough to hydrate the dry ingredients and get the dough smooth.
I don't rest my pizza dough. I just roll it out and make the pizza. The oven is set to 500 and the rack is set in the upper third of the oven.
For pita, I'll mix and and go right on to make the portioned rolls. Those sit for 15 minutes or so. Then roll out and proceed as usual.
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Okay, I finally found a recipe that seems to work with my home oven.

It's roughly the recipe I found here:
I kneaded by hand and then had it stand at room temperature for about 4 hours, before moving it to the fridge.
I used half the recipe and divided in 2 balls. Took 1 ball out the next day (for about half an hour) and then stretched by hand.
Topped and baked in my little oven at the highest setting.
Just on the baking tray, at the lowest position in the oven, to first create a proper crust, then finished high in the oven for a bit more colour on the top.
It came out fine.
The second one (a day later) came out even better. Main difference is that it stayed out of the fridge shorte, I used less flour on the board while stretching and also less on the peel. I made the pizza a bit thinner as well
I am happy now ;)

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