Some personal news to share with my friends

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I got to tell some people about this in person, but want to let all my friends here know -- mainly because I'll bet a lot of you will be able to offer some good ideas and advice.

Okay, here's my news: I have just signed on as a consultant on kitchen matters to a new, start-up gourmet food manufacturer. I expect it to be a fantastic experience, being involved from the very beginning with both the cooking processes AND the business end. The other people involved are seriously committed to the concept, and have been fine to work with already. I'm really excited about the whole deal! :bounce:

Now: here's why I may need help: it is gourmet PET food -- for dogs and cats. There are others involved who know animal nutrition, and so on -- and they'll be developing the recipes. But I hope I'll be able to come back here with questions, since so many folks here have pets and really care about them. :)
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I don't have much advice to offer at the moment, Suzanne, but I do hope you tell us all about this new venture as it unfolds.
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Congrats Suzanne! :D

I'm not gonna be much help since I wasn't able to bring my dog into the country but I'll be very interested in hearing more about this subject. Isn't learning fun?! :)

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Do you need to borrow my cat? He's 14, really picky and throws up just about everything. He would make a purrfect consultant! AND he is from Sun Valley!
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Congratulations Suzanne!!!!

I have a little carin terrier (like Toto)
Loves her foie de veau MR with crispy bacon:chef:
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you have one spoiled dog CC :D lol

Hey does anyone know WHERE that restaurant is that serves pets? I saw it on Food TV but cant remember where it is. What a novel idea to serve pets only.

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Congratulations Susanne and all good wishes.

My cat suggests you incorporate a little grated Parmesan. She also likes the cheese from pizza, so perhaps something with an Italian motif? Or perhaps something with dried fruit. And be sure to tell us the name of the line when it comes out so we can all try to tempt our picky pets.
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Congrats Suzanne :)
A person with such a high EQ like you will do fantastic with this job!

I think Zouzouni is able to help you.
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We have 2 dogs and 4 cats. (All but one a rescue.)

Moab - Springer Spaniel (found running on the road guessed it...Moab, Utah)
Zach - Black Lab (gets phenobarb 2x day for seizures resulting from a puppyhood attack by an Akita) $50 - last in the litter

Kitty Rem - Named for Rembrandt (particolor) - absconded with by my husband from an abusive roommate
Julienne - aka Baby Girl - (calico) no matter how much this cat eats, she burns it up running around
Sam - Has 3 teeth left - (solid black) bro gave him to me because he traveled a lot on biz
Sly - aka Baby Kitty - (B&W markings like Sylvester the cat) a "box" kitty we got from Wal-Mart - thinks she's a dog. (Raised by the Spaniel.)

Just ask away...:rolleyes:

And the best of luck!! :bounce:
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Suzanne, this is fabulous and amusing! What more could you
want from a job?
My kelpie/foxie eats anything bar tomato, olives and lettuce.
Don't know if i'll be much help, but it's great hearing about your new job.
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Congrats on the new job Suzanne. That should be quite the experience. Who knows what it could lead to. I wish you all the best.


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Congratulations Suzanne!

This sounds like a great opportunity. I do hope you won't be expected to taste the new products. :eek:

Boula, my Siamese cat, will volunteer only if there is chicken or smoked salmon in the food.

Chiff, my cat also think she is part dog….she has to smell people before she let them pet her.
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Congrats! I'm catering a picnic for the Humane Society this Friday 150....outdoor, bring your provided. ***This makes me very uneasy, I do not care for animals and food service unless they are the entree.
I also have a friend who was head of R&D for Puriena pet food...was bizarre talking about research with her, especially at dinner. So, what is it exactly you'll be doing? Oh yeah I have a kitty ...he stays indoors and is 4 years old....Moonshine..aka moonie, moonman, moon. His belated mother was Mel as in Mel Brooks (teenage humor), until he was pregnant and became middle son did not believe he was a she until the kittens arrived.
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Okay, talked to my crew, and here's what they like-

Puff, our half siamese, half tabby, loves his roast beef rare; also loves crispy french frys and those little crispy fish snacks from the japanese supermarkets.

Biff, our orange tabby, ranks fried chicken wings on the top of his list - but only lightly seasoned, no fancy-schmansy rubs or sauces!

Gus, our half-Rottie, half Catahoula leopard dog, - well, what can I say - bags of red bell peppers, apple tarts, whole raw marinating cornish game hens, bones and all; hamburgers - but hold the onions, please - oh, and chocolate - even tho he knows better.

Buddy, our Sheltie - pizza crusts - he knows the sound of the pizza man's car!
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Pets... the only one I ever had (breifly) was small turtle I named Lloyd. Animals are not my thing.

But I am intrigued by the relationship enjoyed by so many with their animals. We have a bakery for pets near our home (Petlicious, it's called), which is complete with outdoor tables. It's a high-rent neighborhood and they've been open over a year, so I guess business is good.

Most of all, best of luck with your new venture! Since people are buying the products, appealing to human sensibilities should be very important.
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Good Luck Suzanne!

My three would say liverliverliver.

We try to buy the most natural treats and food. I make a lot of their biscuits.

No additives at all if we can help it.

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Hi, Suzanne, and welcome back! Hope you had a wonderful trip, and feel all rested and energized!

As we were hopelessly trying to catch one of our cats who was dragging around a poor little rodent, we thought of some ideas for your cat food flavors - ummmm, how about mousse of mouse? or mole mole'? Just a thought!:D
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Hey Suzanne,
glad your back. I just wanted to remind you that that company that was at the NYFFS with the pet foods is in my area. So if you're looking for what some others are doing, just holler.
2 beagles - the female Bella likes squirrels/birds
both rescues - the male Louie likes regular dog food
Both enjoy cheap treats from Albertsons.
oh yea, garbage too when accessable
like Chiff, I'm on Phenobarb 2X a day as a result of going
through their puppyhood. Neighbors just love it when
they decide to hunt in the wee hours of the morn
when I let them out.
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