Some inspiration, on this week.....9/11

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I usually don't go into my personal life when I talk about cooking, but this is an exception.
Two years ago on Labor Day, one of my older brothers who is an expert skydiver was in a horrible accident when his chute did'nt open and he fell 12,000 feet to the tarmac below. Somehow, he was alive when the EMTs' got there and rushed him to a local hospital. With most of his bones broken, severe head trauma, massive internal bleeding, he lived through the night and was in a coma for days afterward. To make a long story short- he survived. My brother is really an amazing person. Given only a slim chance of even walking he went into therapy with an iron will to walk again, pushing himself to his limit. Last year he was walking with the aid of a cane. This year when I saw him, he was getting some adaptive running shoes built, and re-building his road-racing bike. (one leg is now 1" shorter than the other.)
So to mark the 2nd anniversary of the fall to his potential death what does he do? He went skydiving! And made seven jumps.
There is something truly great in the undaunted Human Spirit.
Peace and healing to all.
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Dear Peachcreek,

What an inspirational story.

I have tears in my eyes.

Good luck to your brother and god bless the human spirit.
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That is AMAZING! I didn't think anyone could live from that kind of fall. Your brother's story is an inspiration. May he live a long life full of adventure!
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Peachcreek,your brother is one incredible person.Remember the old adage about something being as tough as old boots?Well your brother is more resilient.:D
Do you remember the 70s tv series "The Bionic Man"?Your brother seems to be the real deal,Leo.:chef:

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