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Hi guys,

What is the difference between Professional cookery, Professional chef and Professional  Pastry? In Italy for example there is a only public school ( 5 years)  at the end you can obtain a diploma. 

I would like like to attend to LCB in London but it is too expensive, are there in UK financial aid?

Is it better to attend a diploma or single certificates  (basic, intermediate and superior)? 

Thank you very much

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not too sure whats what in the UK, other members will know more. However I suggest, as always, that you find work in a professional kitchen and put in 6 months to year of work before you spend a bunch of money on school. It's one of the few trades left that be learned on the job.
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In this era I don't know ,as times change , but when I was in Europe you started in the Pastry Shop or pastry dept of hotel, then went on to kitchen.

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