Some Good News at Last!!

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I haven't been in great shape lately, due to many reasons. One of them was that I was observing my half country being on flames and I have been terribly worried about my friends.

But yesterday happened something really special and I want to share it with you because it brought happiness in my heart and I started smiling again after many weeks.

On Sunday evening, I heard to the news that a family was asking for donors of bone marrow for their 5 years old girl. All you had to do was to give some blood and have your compatibility checked.

In Greece we don't have databases that provide such info , so if someone is in need, Media make an announcemnt.

Many people responded. Around 2000 from all over Greece. I responded as well and last night they called me to say that I was the most compatible of the volunteers!!!

My husband and I do not have children althought we have tried several times. Children are very important to me. In fact I think that children are a good reason to fight in this life.

The idea that I might help a little girl survive her illness and in such a way filled my heart with Joy. During the previous weeks, I was depressed as I was realising how weak we are, as individuals, to stop conflicts and to stop humans from hurting each other.

But as I keep saying, there must be a kind spirit in this world because when I feel lost it sends me messages to keep hoping. This is not the first time that I am in the middle of nowhere and suddenly I see a ray of light.

This is the week of Easter in Greece ( Orthodox Easter is always the Sunday after the Full Moon of the Jewish Passover) our most important religious festivity. Greek Easter is about hope . We celebrate the fact that Death was beaten by the Spirits of Kindness and Mercy that are called God.

Life is always stronger.

Happy Easter from Greece. :)
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This is wonderful news and I am very happy for you Viv. What a great opportunity for a meaningful contribution.

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What a wonderful reason to be alive! Of course, there are many more reasons, but with all the horror in the world, they are hard to see. I wish all the best for you and the person you are donating to.:) :) :)
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I too have wondered what one good heart can do to stop conflict and hatred; there's so very much suffering. Please, please keep us posted as you go through this.

I am so happy for your opportunity - to give life to a little girl! You'll be in our thoughts and hearts as you go forward.

Thank you for posting.

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That's wonderful news and thank you for sharing with us. The world has been much uglier lately and little stories like these always make it seem less awful if only temporarily.
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My very best to you and the lucky child,

Myself and my family will have you in our thoughts.
Thanks for sharing
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Just bumped into your post here! Wow! After that news story, your news is the best news Ive heard. Ever! God bless you! :) There should be more people like you around. Take it easy after the procedure okay.

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Yes -- it's great to hear about something that is RIGHT with the world. I hope it works out well all around.
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Good luck, and God bless! Remember to take all your vitamins before and after, and eat lots of that wonderful spinach!!! To help a child, or anyone who is sick and dying, is a truly godgiven chance to prove to all the world that what is the most important thing to remember is love. I'll be thinking of you the next few days, and hope all goes well.


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That is wonderful Athenaeus, the kid is lucky to have found you. Hope the operation will be a success. Imagine your generosity will give her a full life. You can't beat that.


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That is amazing. As I understand it finding a bone marrow donor is very difficult and usually has to be a family member. You are very brave to do such a thing. What an amazing gift and how you will be bonded with this child for life.

One thing though about Greek Easter really we celebrate that Christ and Christ alone, God's only begotten son has beaten death by being risen from the dead.
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It's truly a great gift to give to someone in need. Hope everything goes well for the both of you. Good luck and god bless!
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My dearest Athenaeus,

In all seriousness, Dear Abby wishes you and this young child the very best. It is a gift that few can give.

Mas Mouts!

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Don't forget to send good wishes and prayers for our Athenaues, and the little lucky 5 year old girl.

Speedy recovery girls!!!!!
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I want to thank you all for your kind words and support.
Everything went well.

The process in painless so if you ever have the opportunity to help someone , don't even think about it!

Thanks again :)
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so glad everything went well!
I have tried to send you a private message but your mailbox is full, so emailed you.


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