Solid House knives for small restaurant.

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 I am looking into finding a set of house knives for the restaurant I work in. All there knives are old and worn, and its time for new ones. I need well rounded knives that will stand the test of time in the restaurant. Nothing too expensive since I am looking to buy a few of them. 

Also there pans are in the same situation. We need some solid non stick fry pans and some stainless saute' pans. 

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Im leaning towards some of Mercers knives. They are priced pretty reasonable. As well with Vollrath
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Volrath would be a good choice for pans and for the knives I bought and used Dexter Russels in my restaurants. 
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Victorinox are the most often recommended budget knives that I've seen, can't really help on the pans sorry
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We have a company who sharpens ours. They provide the knives, and pick them up once a week, or every other in the last place I worked. 

If you purchase, I would go with dexter russel. I have one in my personal kit. Cost $20, I beat the hell out of it, sharpen it and it's good. Holds an edge fairly well and the only place I've worked with a knife service used them. Abuse is an understatement. Using a french knife as a can opener, lobster cracker, and projectile weapon to scare sea gulls.... and they still sharpen up and hold an edge... for $20. By far one of my favorite knives. 


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Whether you go real cheap, or just inexpensive on either new knives or pans depends on how the equipment will be cared for.  Are they abused, tossed around, washed improperly and just generally mishandled?  Then get new stuff, but make it cheap as that investment will be good as gone in short time.  If everyone handling the equipment has respect for it, then go with a better quality and pay a little more.

My workhorse knives are all Forschner, although I have a Mercer 10" forged chef knife I use for heavier duty tasks like butterflying (or spatchcocking) chickens and turkeys.

Best pricing on saute pans and lots of equipment will be from
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