Soil explosion!

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In anticipation of the dry conditions expected here in Jersey this summer, I potted my herbs and some hanging baskets and used some of that granular moisture retention stuff. Used it according to the pkg. directions, and watered it in. It is sooooo weird! The granules turn into these globs of what looks like clear jello, about 1 inch in diameter, and if you use too much :)mad: ) it will actually push the soil and plant out of the pot! Ahhh, the marvels of modern science! Think I'll just put a rain barrel out instead!


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I use those polymer water holders a lot. They work quite well for a few years. I have heard they wear out after about 10 years.

I pre wet the crystals with a fertilizer mix of water, then mix that with the potting soil. Then pot things up. But they can get pretty big.

You'll like them for your houseplants while you're on vacation.


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