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    Do you have a wishlist for a food/cooking related computer program? It would be neat if I could put my years of writing software to good use by writing a program that the CC people would find useful..........
    Non-commercial and free, of course.
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    It would need to support scanned data.

    It should include support for MMF (meal master format)

    MMF, RTF, HTML, and maybe XML export. Definitely Palm OS pdb export

    Import from MS Word or RTF

    Search on recipes, ingredients, techniques in the directions

    Drag and drop cookbook building, by recipe or file

    spell check, complete with all the foreign terms common to cooking

    Automatic indexing on recipe ingredients and recipe titles

    User defined linking to designate all recipes used in a certain menu, including overlap of some recipes for multiple menus. Or for just well related recipes, say a meat dish and a sauce. or building a wine list of wines to keep on hand.

    Mis en place extraction from the recipe ingredients. Yes, this is out there a ways.

    Multiple simultaneous recipe display (for comparison purpose)

    A recipe editor of course

    Full configuration of formatting. Size, font, page sizes, columns, ingredients at the first or spread out through the body of the recipe as the user prefers.

    The ability to print just recipes or full cookbooks

    One of the fields should be the source so proper credit can be given. this field should be searchable.

    An internet ability to launch a browser and maintain an extensive list of cooking references and links.

    Probably more ideas later.

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    You may wish to "search " the equipment forum for threads regarding "software" for some insight on what has been requested here in the past.