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Here is what I want and I bet your going to say I caaaaaaan't have it.

Software that will do one or more of the following.

1.  Track what x product costs when and where.

2.  Let me punch in sale items and have it tell me what recipes in my database or another database that apply.

3.  Keep track of how well I am meeting the nutritional needs of my familial unit.

4.  Monitor the shelf life of my spices and tell me when x item is running low.

I would also like an internet link that will tell me where to find the best price on x product on any day.

While we are at it I would like an outlet for bulk fish in Denver that is 20% less than retail. 

BTW:  I am glad the members found my pollution or solution stock an nice venue for chat.  It like having people over for dinner and everyone starts talking about medicine and it is way over your head.  I am honored for you fine members to share the comfort of my post for your talk.  Sincerely.

So what do I get.  A goose-egg?
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Yup, you CAN have it, how many $$$ do you have ??? /img/vbsmilies/smilies/talker.gif

2 & 3 should be fairly easy to handle. I use Mastercook ,, and it will actually let you track prices, but not of each individual store.

You can search for recipes based on ingredients and it does provide nutritional analysis and comes with a USDA Ingredient database, somewhat dated, however, you cna easily add ingredients and/or products to the ingredient database.

It also has a "pantry function" but I cannot comment as I do not utilize that portion.

For the price, around %$20, I think it is a great value.

There are a variety of programs out there. I've looked at several and I'm happiest with Mastercook.

If you have an IPhone, there's an APP called RedLaser that can scan barcodes and report nutrition as well as prices and even some sources. But for local prices, someone has to upload the data for your area (I think)
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Thank you very much Mr. McCracken.  I just might get the software.  It should pay off in the long run.
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Years ago I used to use a free version of NOW YOU'RE COOKING!

You can still try it for 60days free.  I tried several other applications Now You're Cooking was layed out the way I thought, so it was easy for me.   The basic price I think is $25 if you decide to buy it.

Now I use a free form tree style database.  It works great for cutting and pasting recipes from the web, very little typing needed.
[h2]Here is what sets NowYou’re Cooking!  apart from other recipe software:[/h2]
  • automatic categorizing of recipes (based on user-defined keywords)
  • auto-find and delete empty categories; map one category to another
  • fastest recipe import and search of any recipe software
  • perform any of these power tasks across all cookbooks in a single operation:
    • recipe search
    • meal plan
    • manage categories (merge and delete)
    • print recipes
    • import/export recipes
    • duplicate checking and deletion
    • defrag cookbooks and image archives
    • rebuild cookbook indexes
    • auto-link recipe ingredients to nutrition items
    • untag recipes
    • find and replace text strings
    • proper case recipe names
  • Quick Web Recipes feature for automatic recipe download and import
  • customizable Export-to-Web feature for automatic recipe website creation
  • customizable multi-rater, multi-criteria recipe rating system
  • nutrition analysis using USDA SR22 database directly, including raw, cooked, canned, and processed foods 
  • accurate nutrition analysis for any recipe from any source
  • more nutrition constituents than other recipe software (now with trans fats, vitamin K)
  • nutrition analysis with %Daily Values based on your calories/day
  • customizable diet calculations with nutrition analysis
  • Fitness Calculator to track body fat %, BMI, waist ratios, and other fitness metrics
  • consumer features (coupon manager, automatic shopping list with coupons noted, shopping list by aisle, cost of list across stores)
  • stable, robust Meal Master™ import/export with dupe checking and isolation of problem recipes.
  • multi-file importing of mixed format text recipes in a given file
  • unlimited recipes in multiple cookbooks
  • compatibility with Windows Vista/XP/Me/2000/98/95/NT4
  • registration options for FREE upgrades to future versions (so you can pay once, not again and again)
  • tech support that exceeds your expectations
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