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Help, my mind is on vacation or something... but I could really use some suggestions on making "soft" food. My son just had oral surgery and is limted to soups and soft food. Soups I can handle... but wanted to also make some food that is a little more substantial (he's 20 and always wants to eat). The only lame thing I can come up with is mashed potatoes.... wanted to try a savory bread pudding but most call for overnight refrigeration... anyway, if anyone has some suggestions, I'd appreciate your thoughts. Thanks.
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roasted butternut squash, bananas foster, steamed spinach, eggs- boiled poached fried scrambled, fruit smoothies, oatmeal, Dahl -probably spelled it wrong, crepes including dinner crepes. oh and steak in a blender, my brother used to have it that way before he died, course he had serious issues. have fun
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I like bean purees, especially yellow split pea puree. Sweat onions, and add your peas and a bay leaf, and enough water to cover. Simmer on low for an hour and stir. Your peas should be mush. Serve with chives or scallions chopped finely. Other bean purees are great too, lentil, canelloni, hummus etc. Good source of protein as well.

Seafood bisques are easy too.
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The good news is that your son's mouth is going to heal quickly, so concentrate on preparing soft foods he will probably really enjoy. There have been many really good suggestions already, but you know what he likes better than we do.

When my mouth is sore, I like scrambled eggs, custard or pudding, over-cooked rice smothered in soft beans (complete protein), polenta with a smooth marinara sauce and any kind of soup that will just slide down. Peanut butter right out of the jar :look:.

Re bread pudding: use any recipe you like and just refrigerate it for an hour. That's all the time it needs for the liquid to be absorbed into the bread.
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You could do a tuna mornay, just make sure to break the fish up into really small pieces, top it with some potato mash and maybe ketchup or a cheese sauce.

Jelly (Jello?) and icecream or custard or both :D Thickshakes - icecream and icecream topping whizzed together. Easy & tasty.

Fruit and yoghurt smoothies, e.g. tinned peaches/apricots, bananas and yoghurt whizzed together.

Various veg mashed: sweet potatoes, potatoes with cream cheese melted in, carrot and rutebaga. Add an egg yolk to the mash at the end for more protein.

Icecream/yoghurt with a fruit coulis.

Soups are endless....would chicken noodle be ok? could swirl in an egg or two at then end of cooking. Lots of protein that way. Or even the same with cream of chicken soup.

Protein shakes.

I know what you mean about hungry sons. Mine is 16 and constantly looking in the fridge/pantry. Hollow legs and a bottomless pit of a stomach :D


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Oh my gosh... fabulous suggestions and many thanks to all who took the time to respond.
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I think in the first day you have to eat cold stuff, not to make it bleed, then after the skin has healed you can do hot foods, like soups. Though you can have cold soups which are more satisfying if you're hungry than sweet things like smoothies.

To make thicker shakes and smoothies, i add powdered milk to the milk, about the only use i ever had for powdered milk. It adds lots of protein.

Since he's a hungry 20 year old, you can go for the thickest and most nutritional soups, pretty much anything can be put through a blender, like spinach and rice soup, or pumpkin soup or even minestrone (I used to get my kids to eat vegetables by making minestrone for us a couple of times a week and blending it for the kids - they would eat the "green soup" but not if it was in pieces - but it's very nutritious, with beans and pasta or rice making a complete protein)

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