Sodium Alginate Science

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Hi everyone, we run science camps for kids and have them create "snacktivities" that they then get to eat.  We have used sodium alginate and calcium chloride in the past to make "worms" and  the kids go nuts over it.  We then found out that you can make edible creations out of sodium alginate and calcium chloride and think the kids would flip out if they could make edible worms!  We purchased Artistre (art of molecular cuisine) sodium alginate, calcium chloride and sodium citrate, but there were no recipes included when we received the items.  Does anyone have recipes they could share with us so the kids could make edible worms or beads maybe using fruit juice or punch?  Or if you have anything even more creative (it would have to be fairly simple though, as in something we could mix up fairly quickly and not requiring a lot of fancy prep as the kids will want to be able to try it right away).  Thanks so much!

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