So you want to open a restaurant?

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That is wicked awesome! Although, 2 years....actually that's probably good timing because i'll finished with school by then -- those games can be dangerous to your studies....hmmm, do I study, or do I play sim, well only for a couple minutes, then i'll go back to studying.....:lol:
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Gee Suzanne, I thought that's what I was playing now - it's been two years since my current project was conceived - we're supposed to be opening in June and my face is really blue from holding my breath!!!
(all I want to know - does the game have a way to abuse the general contractor??? commit all kinds of mayhem on city officials and county clerks???
show you all the reasons NOT to do this???:D
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I wonder if they will incorporate this feature to make it more realistic: If you don't play the game for at least 70 hours a week you automatically lose!
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This could be trouble for the forum. Unless we can make it interactive between members in a public way. Don't shoot me, this may already be a feature that I'm not aware of in the current versions.


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They should make a simm "Becoming a chef" and make it mandatory for people to play before going into the profession.

Looking forward to the game sounds very cool.
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Now I can finally stop playing Civilization and make more practical use of my computer gaming time!


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