So you want to be a Personal Chef...?

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    Hey folks,

    Since we are all Chefs here I assume everyone understands I really don’t have time to invest in scanning forums for the info I am looking for that ‘may’ be lurking in a different thread. A little help would be awesome.

    I am a 20+ year professional, with everything from banquet (10k head for a lunch is my personal record),ala cart, resort, hotel, restaurant, even meals on wheels in the way of experience. I have enjoyed not having a food cost budget, to needing to run $1.40 meal. I am diverse. Breeding has caused me to shift my focus a bit to a life that is more conducive to having a family, and actually seeing them! I am starting my own personal chef biz that will hopefully help in life flexibility.

    I have my biz license, a niche group that is a target market, name, webpage (under construction), and a lot of the basic first steps covered. What I am looking for is some insight from any of you about the day to day reality of a personal chef. What hiccups have you encountered? What steps must I remember to take that I may not have thought of? Is an association worth my dues? Blah blah blah. Any help or experiences from someone that has walked this path would be wonderful. Thank you in advance!