So, You have your chance

What would you do?

  • Hunt for truffles in the perigord

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  • Fish for Lobsters off the coast of Maine

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  • Work the harvest in Bordeaux

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  • Let everyone else do the work, and just enjoy the benifits

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Joined Feb 21, 2001
Absolutely it's got to be truffle hunting. Lobstering can be cold and dangerous, and picking grapes has got to boring beyond belief. And besides, the pigs do most of the work.
Joined Apr 30, 2001
Don't care about cold and dangerous...the chance to eat really, really fresh lobster would be worth it.

Anyone extending an invite? Can be there this weekend.....:roll:
Joined Mar 4, 2000
You come up with some pretty creative threads, CC.
I vote for truffle hunting. It sounds like a more exotic/educational vacation, as much as I love lobster (and I'm sure I could learn a lot on that excursion as well).
Joined Aug 11, 2000
Truffles!!!! As I recall foie is big in Perigord too....may find trump d morte or chanterelles, or morels or boletes in the process.....


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Joined Oct 7, 2001
I suppose I can't pick all three!!! Well, if that is the case, I would have to choose working the harvest, but only if I get to get into the vat and stomp on the grapes!!!!:bounce: :eek: :bounce:


Joined Apr 4, 2000
The grape picking is over rated. Trust me I've done it. In the village the cafés were selling postcards of smilling people picking grtapes in the vineyard under a warm September sun.

The harvest took 12 days. For 12 days it rained daily. It was very cold and so damp. We slept in a concrete garage on small cots with no heat. Of course there had to be this loud guy snoring. About 25 people slept in this garage and there was one shower.

We work form 8 until 1 and 2:30 until 7. The grapes were moulding on the vine. I still have scares on my hands form the knife I used.

And the pay? 100 francs per day.
Joined Nov 20, 2000
While I love truffles and hunting them in the woods and then having true fresh Perigord Truffles to eat is enormously appealing, the lure of pristine, cold Atlantic waters, nature at it's most beautiful and dangerous. The rocky shores of Maine is irresistible to me! Maine lobstering wins hands down:bounce: Maybe this summer finally.
Joined Jul 24, 2001
It was not as easy to reply to this question as I thought It would be when I first saw the thread...

Hunting truffles with a special dog would be something
Fishing lobsters in the cold waters... what an experiece ! So different from the waters of Mare Nostrum (this is how Julius Caesar called the Mediterranean , Our sea)

But... I am too old fashioned.

I will do what I am used in doing every early September.

I will go for the grapes...

PS Cape chef allow me please a remark. It would be fun to add " pick olives in Greece or Spain or in Greece. Yes, in Greece "
Joined Jul 31, 2000
Actually Athenaeus, Thats a great idea.
I thought it would be fun to use the forth option for people who just wanted to sit back and enjoy the others work ;)
Two people voted for that, But they didn't post to the thread:D

next will be olives in greece....:chef:
Joined Aug 4, 2000
Actually CC, I voted and posted. Also, fwiw, we never used animals while truffle hunting in France. We merely turned over logs and voila, there they were.
Joined Dec 1, 2001
I actually voted for the fourth option, just sit back and enjoy. However, if I had to choose another option it would be the truffles.
I have pretty much lived in the woods my whole life. I am orginally from the midwest, and every year around the middle of april Morels start popping up everywhere. My family always goes on walks through the woods together looking for them. Plus the added benfit of looking for Morels or Truffles, is that you feel so wealthy afterwards. I have found up to six pounds of Morels on one hunt, but I could only imagine finding Tuffles that I could use entirely for my own satisfaction.
Joined Aug 4, 2000
Actually CC et al, I would prefer spending my time in the kitchen - to improve my technique - by preparing pate, tartes and bread. Perhaps some rabbit braised in Guinness beer would go well.
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