So, uh... hi.

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Hello, everyone.  I'm Matt.  I'm the #2 sous chef in a locally popular hotel kitchen.  I'm looking at the distinct possibility of moving up to my first #1 sous position before the end of the summer, so that has me exited.  I found this site while messing around on my executive chef's computer after hours and I've been lurking for a while now.  I've already found lots of good information and I hope to be able to share even more in the future.
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Hello Matt, and welcome to Chef Talk. Here, you'll find plenty of people to talk with, learn from and to share with as well. As is often the case in the business, those above extend a helping hand to those on the way up. This is a good place for those kinds of opportunities.

We hope you'll have a look at the cooking articles, wikis and all the content here. We're a lot more than only a message board! Good luck to you in your culinary progress.


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