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Well, I'll keep this post short and sweet, after all, no sense in rambling on.

I am searching for a new job, preferably in a new state, country, etc. Just kind of want a fresh start. So I was curious if any of you guys know any places or people I could try to get in contact with that provide employee housing.

While I don't have as much experience as the majority of you clearly do; I know my basics. I'm a pretty fast and organized Dish Washer. I like to believe I've mastered any and all forms of Garde Manger from making Dressings and the likes from scratch. How to prep the various produce items along with plating techniques. Entremetier, while I wouldn't say I've mastered the fry / hot app station, I like to believe I'm pretty efficient at it. And as for the rest of the areas both FOH and BOH my experience is limited, but I'm hoping to one day master all.

But yeah, enough of my ramblings, if you guys happen to think of anyone I could get in contact with, please do let me know.

Thank you
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You may want to also look at Fla resort areas as well as the American Virgin Islands. Plus years ago I worked with a guy who did a few years on Guam and loved it. Like Chefbuba noted ski areas are gearing up right now.

Get your passport renewed, if you’re flying its handy to have, even domestic.


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