So lent just began this week, any good seafood ideas?

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hey, i'm adam. i'm the chef of an established resturant in my area. i was looking for some seafood ideas for my specials during lent.
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The Filet-O-Fish contains a battered fish patty made mostly from Alaskan pollock and/or hoki, half a slice of processed cheese and 30g (1 oz.) of tartar sauce (made with dill relish and seasoning) on a steamed bun. It is similar to an English favorite, the fish finger sandwich.


Fish Filet Deluxe – Replaced the Filet-O-Fish. The fish portion was enlarged, a whole piece of cheese was used instead of a half piece, lettuce was added, and this was all placed on the potato roll used for the other Deluxe sandwiches. After the Deluxe Line failed (see Arch Deluxe), the Filet-O-Fish was brought back, albeit with the larger fish patty.

Double Filet-O-Fish – Two fish patties and extra cheese, available in some markets. Sometimes available during Lent.

Royal-O-Fish – One fish patty with lettuce, tomato and tartar sauce on a seeded bun. Available only in France.
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you made that last one up, anyways

smoked salmon salad

fish tacos

breaded fish is an option, though I think the filet of fish could look better


seared ahi

tuna salad in a bed of greens

shrimp cocktail

pan roasted or grilled filet of anything
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OK. Start off by getting some cedar planks. Soak them (4) in +/- 2 cups really strong coffee and a shot of whiskey (bourbon is good). Trim up 4 really nice fillets of rainbow trout.

Make a rub using :

room temp unsalted butter

celery salt

fresh cracked pepper (5-pepper blend is nice)

really good paprika

lemon zest

Get your grill screaming hot. Smash the bageebies out of 4 beer cans. You will use these to tilt the planks when you put them on the grill. It's really cool the way it comes out. Rub up the fishies. Put them on the planks. Put the planks on the grill. Turn the grill down. Cook +/- 12-15 minutes, depending on your grill. Remove from grill. Serve on planks. 

* I've got a great side to go w/ if you want. (Hot Brussels Sprout Slaw)

* Wine choice: '08 Mirassou California Pinot Noir or  '08 Erath Pinot Noir (both easy to find, <$16)
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Just a little note to Iceman's suggestion in case you haven't done the cedar plank thing before: make sure you buy untreated wood.
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Marseille Seafood Stew with rouille

Oyster Stew

Clam Chowder

Fried seafood plate


Seafood salad in artichoke or avacado half....old school......I use capers, lemon zest, aioli, tarragon, parsley....poached shrimp, crab, lobster you can add fish 

Asian influenced sauced over fried rice stick or a crispy rice cake (sticky rice shaped in a disc and fried)

Shrimp Creole

Jambayla with only seafood

oysters on a bed of creamy spinach, even spinach artichoke goo....topped with a reduced panna (cream) and parm or aged gouda
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You don't say what area you are in or what type of clientele you have. Around here, the fish fry rules during lent. Batterfried cod with french fries or baked potato and cole slaw. Tuna steak is always good, I do the cedar plack thing described above (minus the beer cans) using salmon. It's a very popular item. We cook it in the salamander with the rack on the lowest setting. You can get the planks through Sysco if you can't find any locally. We also sell a lot of Canadian walleye, mostly pan fried. If you have an older crowd, they will like salmon loaf or patties. Top it with bechemel with peas and chopped hard-boiled eggs and they will think you're God as no one makes this any more.
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St. Louis has a serious German Catholic frys at churches are about all the same, and as someone who didn't grow up here it's just downright weird.

fried fish, usually cod

some other fish

sometimes fried shrimp.

Then the prerequisite sides: spaghetti with red sauce, applesauce, slaw, CANNED Green Beans, rye and white sliced breads, paritioners cakes/pies

Some embellish alittle with chips or fries or hush puppies....but heaven forbid you don't have spaghetti and red sauce & canned green beans.
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