So I found this nifty thing for an alternative to electric.

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It's only 25 dollars, pretty cheap. But curious what kind of quality you guys would think it would be at 25 dollars. It takes butane canisters which the site also sells for 14 dollars for a case of 12. Each individual can supposedly lasts 2 - 4 hours.

So thoughts and comments are welcomed, especially if you guys think it would be worth. Also I'll be heading out on my own the first of the new year. So if I find myself in a cheap studio, could come in handy there too.
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I've had those types of butane canister stoves as part of my working equipment for years. You won't be sorry.
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Agreed, those are pretyy much a staple in the catering business I wouldn't go anywhere without em. The double ones are nice but I prefer the single ones because they're a lot more versatile as far as space requirements, you can put them anywhere.
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What size are those butane canisters and where did you buy at that price?
Duck hunting season is coming up and we go thru a couple everytime we hit the stand.


Duh....the link....too small for my itty bitty heater.
Thanks tho.
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I definitely like the looks of the omelet pans, I suppose a lot of restaurant suppliers carry them.

I would think you could get the adapters for bigger tanks Mimi.
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Good idea thanks Rick.
I will check...those cans in the link look like they hold just enuf for the few hours we spend in the blind.
Would be nice to only have to pack an empty out instead of one that still has enuf gas that could leak out if accidently opened.


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